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Covestor is changing its name to Covestor logo

University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School Of Business; U Mass Amherst


Investment Experience
20 years


Company Name
Crabtree Asset Mgmt

  • Address
  • 2260 Sargent Avenue
  • Saint Paul
  • Minnesota
  • 55105

Crabtree Asset Mgmt

Crabtree Asset Management invests in growing technology companies. Barry Randall is the firm’s founder and Chief Investment Officer. He has more than 20 years of professional investing experience.

Barry spent five years as a technology stocks analyst and 10 years managing funds that include small-cap growth and technology portfolios as large as $650 million. Prior to earning his MBA in 1993, he spent six years as a professional computer programmer.

He earned a Wall Street Journal Category King award for portfolio management in 2006.

As of December 31, 2012, Morningstar rated the Crabtree Multi-Cap Technology Composite, of which the strategy offered at Covestor is a component, as having four stars (out of five) overall for the trailing 3-year period.

In addition, Barry is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch and has been quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business News, E-Commerce Times and

Crabtree Asset Management was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Investment process

Barry regularly scans a universe of 1,100 potential holdings for possible investment ideas. He typically looks for companies that consistently generate cash, are increasing their market share and are executing their operational and financial plans.

His stock purchases have sometimes become takeover targets. Since he first offered the Crabtree Technology investment model in 2009, some of Crabtree’s holdings have been acquired in M&A transactions.

Investment portfolio

Crabtree Technology is a science and technology, long-only equity model. Our holdings are determined via a highly disciplined quantitative methodology, emphasizing cash flow and market share. Holdings are re-balanced quarterly. Our goal is to generate alpha over quarters and years.

Sharpe ratio
2.64 365 days
35.9% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1% fee
  • $30,000 min

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Important Information

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