You deserve a smarter way to invest.

Picking from thousands of stocks or funds is hard.
Finding an investment manager can be even harder.
We’ve built a smarter way for you to find managers you can invest with.

  • I don't have time to choose

    We carefully screen a broad universe of managers and verify their performance so you don't have to, and just present you with a refined selection.

  • I don’t want average

    Covestor searches for emerging and other smaller established managers who are nimble and focus on capitalizing on market opportunities while riding through market downturns.

  • We want a diverse investing team

    The portfolio managers on Covestor come from diverse backgrounds; from major Wall Street firms to academics and quantitative sciences. Our internal advisors work with you to find appropriate managers based on your goals and objectives.

  • I want control

    Your Covestor account is a separately managed account - this means all the underlying equities are held in your own brokerage account in your name. This gives you full control, transparency and liquidity, all for one simple fee and low trade costs.

    You also get unique access to all the content that your portfolio managers create, including monthly commentary, position rationale and market outlooks as well as real-time updates on trades made by the portfolio manager in your account.

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Covestor was founded on the idea that emerging investment managers and smaller established managers can perform better than their counterparts at larger funds and deliver unique investment strategies that can help investors regardless of market direction.
Covestor’s Multi-tiered Platform and Selection Process

Covestor Sandbox:  Open platform attracting managers from across the world

Covestor Retail Marketplace:  A curated platform designed to meet the needs of retail investors, overseen by our investment committee. The broad spectrum of 100+ alternative and core strategies include:

  • Long/Short US Equity
  • Concentrated Portfolios
  • Merger Arbitrage
  • Corporate Activism
  • Closed-End Fund Arbitrage
  • Relative Strength / Momentum

Covestor Investment Management:  A refined set of investment managers whose strategies cater to institutional investors and pass the investment criteria and operational due diligence required for institutional portfolios.

A Unique Manager platform
  • Managed, separate account structure;
  • Simplified, non-layered fee structure for asset management;
  • Liquidity, with no-lockups (achieved in 1-2 business days); and
  • Transparent investment strategies at the security level.
Covestor connects investors with talented investment managers.
We are one of the few platforms that specializes in using online asset management and content marketing expertise to enable investment managers to reach a broad retail audience.
Registered Investment Advisers

RIAs are using Covestor to reach a broad investment base. We make it easy for you to attract and service customers all over the country. RIAs have the option to set lower investment minimums and set their own fees to appeal to retail clients.

Registered Hedge Fund Managers

With the passage of the JOBS Act, Covestor is helping hedge fund managers reach and effectively serve a broad range of accredited investors.


Talented individuals with unique, well-honed strategies are using Covestor to establish an investment track record and reach a broad base of potential clients.

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