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Cable Car Capital LLC

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  • Address
  • San Francisco
  • California

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Investment portfolio

Cable Car Capital invests globally in public companies. The firm screens public companies using an intensive, fundamental research process that seeks to identify mispriced securities using a value-oriented approach with a multi-year time horizon. Cable Car Capital capitalizes opportunistically on shorter-term or special situation (e.g. spinoffs, reorganizations, merger arbitrage) opportunities while maintaining a concentrated core portfolio of contrarian/out-of-favor but high-quality longs and over-hyped or mismanaged single-name shorts.
For non-U.S. public companies, Cable Car utilizes American Depository Receipts which are called ADRs. These are receipts of shares of foreign companies that trade on the U.S. stock market exchanges.

Sharpe ratio
0.34 365 days
5.5% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1.5% fee
  • $30,000 min

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Important Information

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