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Horse Cove Partners LLC

  • Address
  • 1899 Powers Ferry rd
  • Suite 125
  • Atlanta
  • Georgia
  • 30339

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Investment portfolio

We do not believe we are smarter than the market, nor can we time the market in any given week or month. As a result, we take an approach similar to an insurance company in our investment strategy that focuses on probability of success and the management of risk.

All investments entail risk. Loss events do occur. However, there is an undeniable characteristic of investors (humans). We have an overwhelming fear of large loss and that translates into overpaying for “insurance”.  Horse Cove makes money because at its core, that “insurance” is over-priced. There is a difference between implied volatility in the pricing of an option and the realized volatility at expiration. That difference cannot be arbitraged away. Horse Cove Partners profits by selling implied volatility and profits when realized volatility is less than implied as time decays.

As advisers, we understand that events will occur.  “When” they will occur is the unknown. One of the keys to success is to take intelligent losses when those events occur and expect that the trading strategy will result in positive performance net of those losses over time.

We believe our success comes from focusing on the risk of each trade. By maintaining a weekly investment horizon and relying on over 60 years of history of market movement we believe it is possible to realize positive returns through option transactions, while maintaining acceptable risk limits.

Sharpe ratio
2.00 365 days
15.6% 365 days
Risk score
  • 1.5% fee
  • $12,500 min

Important Information

1. Performance of the Portfolio Manager's account is calculated by Covestor on a daily time-weighted basis, including cash, dividends and earnings distributions and broker commissions. Manager returns include trades and positions that fail Covestor's trading rules, as a result, actual client returns will differ. Covestor advisory fees are simulated and applied retro-actively to present the portfolio return "net-of-fees".

2. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Periodic and since inception performance returns are calculated daily. Monthly vs. S&P 500 return and the corresponding spark chart is calculated to the most recent month end date.

3. The investment minimum is the minimum investment required to follow a particular portfolio. The minimum amount is determined by Covestor, based on the characteristics of the underlying portfolio. It should not be considered as specific investment advice for your investment situation.